Hi, I'm Alex — a product designer, freelance illustrator, and amateur bird-watcher based in Toronto, Canada.

Currently, I'm designing intuitive tools for sustainable natural resource management as a remote intern at Foundry Spatial and exploring UX's role in designing for equity with the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology.
My site isn't quite ready yet, but in the meantime you can learn more about me below.
Guided by my curiosity and multidisciplinary skill set, I approach problems from a variety of angles to find the best solution. Research, exploration, and data drive my design decisions, while experience in strategy and branding helps me to create cohesive and scalable tools.
As a visible and invisible minority, I strongly believe in the importance of equitable and empathetic design that breaks down the barriers surrounding information, services, and systems in our society. To explore UX's role in dismantling prejudiced systems, I am leading a reading group, funded by the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, with other graduate students in my program. I'm also an advocate for the no-code movement because tools like Notion and Bubble allow anyone to experiment with the power of technology so that we can build a diverse future.
I'm currently based in Toronto while I complete my Master's of Information at the University of Toronto. I will be graduating in April 2021, and I am open to full-time product design opportunities here or abroad.